ViviSat Benefits

ViviSat Benefits

With ViviSat’s in-orbit satellite life extension services, operators will be able to extend the life of and maximize cash flow from their existing assets in ways never before possible.

ViviSat’s services are specifically designed to fit customers’ business models, as well as their technical requirements. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the ViviSat service provides customers with access to new markets and new opportunities — and protects asset value.

The ViviSat offering is compatible with virtually all geosynchronous satellites.

Services include:
Rendezvous and docking without interruption to operations of the client satellite
Long-term station-keeping and attitude control
Relocation of satellites to different orbital slots or to different orbits
De-orbiting satellites that are at the end of their lives
Rescue and re-orbiting of satellites stranded in incorrect orbits

ViviSat will provide operators with:
Improved performance, return and cash flow from existing assets
Back-up capability during procurement and launch
An effective tool for risk mitigation
More flexibility in deploying capital and timing of assets
The ability to substitute an operating expense for a capital expense

How does it work? See an animated demonstration of the ViviSat Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV) here

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